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Infrastructure Engineer @Timely and caffeine fiend. Husband of @MrsColdDaemon, father of Autumn. Self proclaimed petrol head and avid motorbike rider.

Nick Little
Nick was an excellent resource for both the students and the lecturer during his time as a tutorial assistant. He was knowledgeable and patient with the students. At times he stepped above the requirements of the position and also delivered class material independently. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nick, he is a talented young man who will achieve everything he sets out to do.


Lecturer at Otago Polytechnic



An Overview Of IT Service Management

An Overview Of IT Service Management – by Stuart D. Galup, Ronald Dattero, Jim J. Quan and  Sue ConGer An overview of IT Service Management talks about the common misconceptions technical minded people are faced with. We IT people tend to address the nature of an IT service as something technical such as a web […]

Towards TQM in IT Services

Towards TQM in IT Services  Towards TQM in IT Services – by Xian Chen and Paul Sorenson This paper discusses a key aspect in IT services called Total Quality Management. (TQM). It also has reviews of four critical sections which contain different levels of perspective and opinion. Overall the paper was informative and I enjoyed that they […]

Taming the Help Desk

Taming the Help Desk by Taming the Help Desk by Geoffrey Sperl This article is about a geek turned manager who is self-running the IT help desk at Wayne State University in Detroit, USA. Often IT help desk staff who excel are promoted to managerial positions with no true thought as to how they will cope with their […]

Mastering IT Change Management Step Two

Mastering IT Change Management Step Two: Moving from Ignorant Anarchy to Informed Anarchy This article is an example of how to implement a change management process from scratch, with the main goal at the present point in time being “Create and implement a standard process flow, identify interdependencies among systems, recognize relationships within the organization, and set […]

Service Management in Operations

Service Management in Operations  from the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) AMCIS 2008 Proceedings Association for Information Systems Year 2008 by Sue Conge,  MaryAnne Winniford and Lisa Erickson-Harris This article looks at IT frameworks such as ITIL (IT Information Library) and COBIT(Control Objectives for Information and Technology) and how managers understand and use ITSM in IT operations. ”Information Technology Service Management […]

You Want us to Support WHAT?!?

You Want us to Support WHAT?!? Negotiation, Delivery and Cultivation: The Gateway to Excellent Service Deployment – Nathan Carpenter & Ryan Tucker  This article is about the Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES) taking their help desk to a whole new level in customer satisfaction. Whilst I have not personally worked in an IT […]

Developing a Service Catalog for Higher Education ITS

Lyons (2009) Developing a Service Catalog for Higher Education Information Technology Services This article is a great example of improving an IT system successfully. Often, IT systems can be ‘upgraded’ only to have negative impacts upon the end users, as they weren’t consulted or worked with alongside the project development. Hobart and William Smith Colleges […]

What Determines IT Spending Priorities?

What Determines IT Spending Priorities? Source: Hoon S. Cha, David E. Pingry and Matt E. Thatcher The authors of the article go into great depths in order to explain how businesses determine the amount that they need to spend on IT. This is a difficult thing to prove as IT costs are by no means fixed […]