You Want us to Support WHAT?!?

You Want us to Support WHAT?!? Negotiation, Delivery and Cultivation: The Gateway to Excellent Service Deployment – Nathan Carpenter & Ryan Tucker

 This article is about the Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES) taking their help desk to a whole new level in customer satisfaction.

Whilst I have not personally worked in an IT help desk situation, I can almost guarantee that they do not all run as smoothly as this one does!

An important aspect to take from this is that it is vital for IT managers to consult and collaborate with all staff at all levels across the IT help desk. Often people working on the help desk are managed hegemonically and their voice is seldom heard, and opinion or thoughts barely taken into consideration.

They talk about being at “the table” which reduces the level of entropy amongst the employment hierarchy of the help desk. It ensure that going on’s are kept informed for everyone, right throughout the organization.

I like that the IT organization is forming new organization structures to cope more efficiently with rapid industry and organizational changes. The traditional hierarchical managerial structure is being changed into a more flattened structure, which allows people right across the organization to voice their opinions, and be kept informed of all changes. This creates a more positive workforce for employees because if they feel important and in the loop of decisions, it is a proven fact that they will work more efficiently.

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