Service Management in Operations

Service Management in Operations  from the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) AMCIS 2008 Proceedings Association for Information Systems Year 2008 by Sue Conge,  MaryAnne Winniford and Lisa Erickson-Harris

This article looks at IT frameworks such as ITIL (IT Information Library) and COBIT(Control Objectives for Information and Technology) and how managers understand and use ITSM in IT operations. ”Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) focuses on defining, managing, and delivering IT services to support business goals and customer needs, usually in IT Operations.”

Results showed that those using IT Service Management (45%) and those with no IT Service Management (37%) are relatively similar. It also portrays that ITSM is common knowledge in the IT industry but it is either used reasonably well, or not used at all. It also showed that “Roughly 25% of companies with 20,000 or fewer employees reported using ITSM, compared to 60% of companies with over 20, 000 employees.” Clearly indicating that ITSM is implemented more in smaller organizations.

Two more large factors were that ITSM is too difficult to implement successfully (50%) and that company’s outsourcing to avoid accountability (61%).

This clearly shows some confusion on the understanding of ITSM and what constitutes an IT service and adding to additional management concepts.

I can see key benefits of using ITSM in an organization such as when using SLA’s. However; it is often time consuming to train employees about ITSM and the various frameworks. So implementing key aspects is often important, but I don’t believe any organization can perform “out of the book” framework operations at any stage.

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