Mastering IT Change Management Step Two

Mastering IT Change Management Step Two: Moving from Ignorant Anarchy to Informed Anarchy

This article is an example of how to implement a change management process from scratch, with the main goal at the present point in time being “Create and implement a standard process flow, identify interdependencies among systems, recognize relationships within the organization, and set up lines of communication.”

The common scenario started with is where a user reports a bug to the IT help desk, they would find no previous record of said bug and it would be forwarded on to the developers responsible. The bug was fixed, and now it was realized that the reason this bug was there was because a previous part in the system had changed causing this to happen. There was no link of communication between the IT help desk and the developers who fixed the problem. This is called “ignorant anarchy”, where each group are acting independently of each other in isolation. They realized a change was necessary.

Submission, Approval, Review, Notification and Implementation where 5 categories were introduced for change management implementation. This allowed users to report a problem and for it to be dealt with accordingly by the correct person. It is listed in centralized repository where all IT staff can see it. This will also help for future events, as they will save time by realizing the bug has occurred before and why.

Working in total isolation is often bad, people need to work together and share necessary resources to have the optimum job performance and satisfaction requirements.

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