Towards TQM in IT Services

Towards TQM in IT Services

 Towards TQM in IT Services – by Xian Chen and Paul Sorenson

This paper discusses a key aspect in IT services called Total Quality Management. (TQM). It also has reviews of four critical sections which contain different levels of perspective and opinion.

Overall the paper was informative and I enjoyed that they talked about the Deming Cycle and the four stages of Plan, Do, Check, Act. I like this model, as I find it simple to remember and I have been exposed to it on multiple occasions with good results.

The four perspectives which are used to define an IT service are Conformance quality, Gap quality, Value quality and Excellence Quality. Conformance quality means that something is performed in conformance to original specifications. Gap quality is in regards ts meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Value quality is the direct value to the customer. This often means a direct benefit from the customers point of view. Excellence quality is commonly referred to as a “Universally agreed upon recognition off excellence.” A common way to calculate gap quality is by means of an online survey. This can help to measure the gap (if there is one) between service and product support within the IT infrastructure in the organization.

TQM is a very powerful managerial technique, and it is clear that organizations are recognizing this; with the common movement shown world-wide amongst IT organizations.

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