Mastering IT Change Management Step Two

Mastering IT Change Management Step Two: Moving from Ignorant Anarchy to Informed Anarchy This article is an example of how to implement a change management process from scratch, with the main goal at the present point in time being “Create and implement a standard process flow, identify interdependencies among systems, recognize relationships within the organization, and set […]

Service Management in Operations

Service Management in Operations  from the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) AMCIS 2008 Proceedings Association for Information Systems Year 2008 by Sue Conge,  MaryAnne Winniford and Lisa Erickson-Harris This article looks at IT frameworks such as ITIL (IT Information Library) and COBIT(Control Objectives for Information and Technology) and how managers understand and use ITSM in IT operations. ”Information Technology Service Management […]

You Want us to Support WHAT?!?

You Want us to Support WHAT?!? Negotiation, Delivery and Cultivation: The Gateway to Excellent Service Deployment – Nathan Carpenter & Ryan Tucker  This article is about the Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES) taking their help desk to a whole new level in customer satisfaction. Whilst I have not personally worked in an IT […]

Developing a Service Catalog for Higher Education ITS

Lyons (2009) Developing a Service Catalog for Higher Education Information Technology Services This article is a great example of improving an IT system successfully. Often, IT systems can be ‘upgraded’ only to have negative impacts upon the end users, as they weren’t consulted or worked with alongside the project development. Hobart and William Smith Colleges […]