An Overview Of IT Service Management

An Overview Of IT Service Management – by Stuart D. Galup, Ronald Dattero, Jim J. Quan and  Sue ConGer

An overview of IT Service Management talks about the common misconceptions technical minded people are faced with. We IT people tend to address the nature of an IT service as something technical such as a web service for example. We need to get people to understand what IT Service Management is truly about, if we are seriously wanting to implement the set of best practices in organizations covering the world.

In today’s organizations IT is playing an ever more critical role in the overall business side of things. Business requirements are dependent upon the IT infrastructure. With all of this going on, we need a best practice of how to best meet the business and IT needs; whilst ensuring the alignment of the two. This is the key part of where IT Service Management comes to play.

ITSM can assist to help define processes and metrics, and provide guidance of management assessment, planning and implementation of IT processes to optimize the IT infrastructure strategy.

ITSM conforms to standards such as ISO/IEC 20000 and best practices such as ITIL. But remember ITIL is a best practice way of implementing ITSM it is not a framework, nor a specific structure for how to achieve things within the organization.

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